Join me and together we’ll build my new lego death star.

Spider-man Homecoming is a reboot after the Marvel Cinematic Universe has re-acquired the rights from the Sony Entertainment.

Check out my points in this movie:

Friendly neighborhood!

Yes, Spidey is a friendly neighbor we all know from the comics.

Peter Parker hides himself still from the public but he is a public figure, hero and again, a friendly neighbor.

Spider-man is fun again after the two previous serious action series. Tom Holland and the MCU did their best to make and bring back fun in the 2017 version of Spider-man.

Human touch

MCU is trying to be as real as possible and create a movie with a human touch. They have done this with Captain America Civil War. Spider-man Homecoming went beyond Captain America movies with its characters touching the real world.

For sure, when one of the characters from the series will die or get hurt, you will feel it badly. MCU and Disney established a good character development. But I do want to expect that.

This film is full of charm that you will be entertained even with few thrilling fighting scenes.

Expected plenty of actions

Unlike other MCU films, Spider-man Homecoming won’t guarantee our satisfaction for actions and fighting scenes. They focused much on the introduction of Peter Parker and Spider-man and how he will be officially part of the Avengers.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland is perfect for this film. Writers also made sure that Peter Parker is still Peter Parker when in Spider-man Suit. This is the perfect Spider-man so far.